These are all from Wuffy’s first camping trip in May 2009 (I am so behind!!)

This was at Hayfiled C&CC site in derbyshire, it was the hottest weekend of the entire year!! We all loved it. We also camped in Scotland in July and North Yorkshire in August and I will post a couple from those trips as well maybe in a few months!!!


Wuffy is fascinated with history, he has been for a long time. Last Easter we spent a week in Northumberland doing castles, this was his knights period. We did 5 castles in 6 days and he wasn’t bored I think he would have done more.  Then in July we spent a week on the West Coast of Scotland on the way home we decided to drive from Carlisle to Newcastle then travel down the A1 this was purely to avoid the dreaded M6.  We stopped at Housesteads Roman Fort on the way and ever since Wuffy has been fascinated with Romans.  To the extent that in phonics at school they had the sound “or” on the board the teacher put an f and t and asked what it said.  She then asked if the children knew what a fort was and got a 10 minute lecture from Wuffy 🙂  This Easter we have booked a week near Hadrian’s Wall for obvious reasons.

So tonight Wuffy came home from school with a letter he had no idea what it was but said he thought he was the only child in his class to be given one. It says that he has been identified as a child who is interested and well motivated by history and has been chosen to take part in additional history activities over a five week period. This includes a visit to Bradford Industrial Musuem and to Salts Mill. We have to return the form to say we allow him to travel there in either minibus or a teachers car so it would appear that only a few children have been selected.  He was chuffed to bits and very excited 🙂

The last week has been manic but David saw the specialist this morning who said he has to go back and have the colonoscopy all over again in three years time and they think based on his lifestyle factors (non smoker, light drinker and vegan) that it is likely to be genetic. The check in a few years was exactly what I was expecting I think David hoped they would say he was fine and didn’t have to go back.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

So we were at the supermarket on Saturday and as we walked past the fish counter Wuffy commented on the poor fish. He then asked me what was in the next counter and I said meat. He said he knew that but what type of animals did it come from. So I looked at the labels and told him ducks, lambs and cows. He then spotted the rotisserie and asked what they were. Chicken. He thought for just a second and then very loudly said “Do they cut their heads off before cooking them” There was a woman right next to us picking up some meat, she visibly shuddered and commented on the things kids say. I simply told Wuffy, loud enough for her to hear, that yes they do cut the heads off because people don’t want to think about what it is they are eating.

Then on Sunday our neighbours took a real tree into their house, I saw them so Wuffy asked me if it had roots, when I said no he was very disappointed and said but they have killed a tree they should have bought one with roots.

The later on Sunday David got out the singing Christmas toys, one is a dog that sings “lonely this Christmas” Wuffy suddenly appeared with it, he had a tear in his eye and said “he won’t be lonely anymore as he has me to give him a hug”

For most of 2008 my husband had severe pains in his colon. He visited the doctor several times and eventually in November 2008 saw the specialist. We then had to wait until January 2009 for him to have a sigmoidoscopy. They removed 6 polyps and it wasn’t until March that we found out they were the type that could become cancerous but they hadn’t done so yet. He was told that it is unusual to find more than 4 polyps and therefore they wanted to do a full colonoscopy to see if there was anything else higher up.

He eventually had that last week and they found NOTHING 🙂  He now has a follow up with the specialist on 23rd December the most likely outcome of this will be that he will be called back in a few years to check that nothing else has developed.

It has been a long two years but I think I have coped better than he has as I am the sort of person to put things like this to the back of my mind and then deal with them if the worst happens.  Whereas my husband worries about things much more.  He said that this week he has had the best sleep in a long time (his sleeping is normally terrible).

So hopefully we can enjoy our Christmas this year 🙂

It seems hard to believe that I have been vegan for 10 years. It really only seems like a short time ago that people were surprised when I told them I had become vegan and many clearly thought it was a fad. But here I am 10 years on with a soon to be 6 year old son (his birthday is Friday and he is very excited) who has been vegan his entire live and a husband who has been vegan for several years 🙂 We are all fit and healthy Wuffy especially so. People are still amazed that we are raising him as a vegan but what else would we do? I can’t imagine feeding him things that we do not consider to be food, that mkes no sense at all.

So I will continue to ignore the comments or looks that people give me and rejoice in our healthy animal free lifestyle:)

First swimmer of the week, now star of the week. When Daddy picked Wuffy up from school last night he found a certificate in his bag which said that Wuffy was star of the week for week ended 9th October for “asking interesting questions” 🙂 He eventually wheedled out of him that he had been presented it in assembly 🙂

Not surprised about the reason as Wuffy is a boy of questions, so many questions it makes your head hurt but we always try to answer them. His latest discussions with his Daddy have been about the Punic Wars, he is totally obsessed with Romans at the moment and watches Roman DVD’s (meant for adults) all the time 🙂