OK so I don’t post on here very often what can I say I’m busy. I have a job where the work load seems to have increased by about 50% this year and we have less staff than ever before. But here are a few photos from our weekend away in February

If I had more time and could be bothered I would post descriptions but as it is you will just have to mke do with the photos 🙂


Today we walked down to the scout hall so that Davey could take a photo of it for his homework. We noticed a public footpath sign opposite and when I mentioned it Davey said he knew where it went as he had been down it with Beavers, so we went to look. What we found was this

with lots of this

we did know that there had been a stone quarry down there at one time but we didn’t expect to see all of this

as we walked down the quarry we found these

at the end of the quarry we walked into this

and then we reached some allotments with this view over town

and we never knew any of it was there just two minutes from our door!! We met a friendly cat on the way home

On Friday 12th February 2010 Wuffy’s grandad died. Wuffy knew Grandad was ill but being 6 he thought he was going to get better.

This final picture was taken on his 84th birthday last July, he was ill then he didn’t get out of his chair once during the party. That’s my Mum holding the cake, I made the cake it’s the chocolate cake I make for every birthday. I’m pleased that I made his last birthday cake. Wuffy didn’t say much for a week but the last few days he has been asking about Grandad and he has been a bit upset. We have been telling him that grandad was so ill towards the end at least he is no longer in pain. Wuffy has always told us that you go to heaven when you die but when I said Grandad was in heaven he wouldn’t believe me. I suspect he doesn’t really want to accept it.

These are all from Wuffy’s first camping trip in May 2009 (I am so behind!!)

This was at Hayfiled C&CC site in derbyshire, it was the hottest weekend of the entire year!! We all loved it. We also camped in Scotland in July and North Yorkshire in August and I will post a couple from those trips as well maybe in a few months!!!

The last week has been manic but David saw the specialist this morning who said he has to go back and have the colonoscopy all over again in three years time and they think based on his lifestyle factors (non smoker, light drinker and vegan) that it is likely to be genetic. The check in a few years was exactly what I was expecting I think David hoped they would say he was fine and didn’t have to go back.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

So we were at the supermarket on Saturday and as we walked past the fish counter Wuffy commented on the poor fish. He then asked me what was in the next counter and I said meat. He said he knew that but what type of animals did it come from. So I looked at the labels and told him ducks, lambs and cows. He then spotted the rotisserie and asked what they were. Chicken. He thought for just a second and then very loudly said “Do they cut their heads off before cooking them” There was a woman right next to us picking up some meat, she visibly shuddered and commented on the things kids say. I simply told Wuffy, loud enough for her to hear, that yes they do cut the heads off because people don’t want to think about what it is they are eating.

Then on Sunday our neighbours took a real tree into their house, I saw them so Wuffy asked me if it had roots, when I said no he was very disappointed and said but they have killed a tree they should have bought one with roots.

The later on Sunday David got out the singing Christmas toys, one is a dog that sings “lonely this Christmas” Wuffy suddenly appeared with it, he had a tear in his eye and said “he won’t be lonely anymore as he has me to give him a hug”

For most of 2008 my husband had severe pains in his colon. He visited the doctor several times and eventually in November 2008 saw the specialist. We then had to wait until January 2009 for him to have a sigmoidoscopy. They removed 6 polyps and it wasn’t until March that we found out they were the type that could become cancerous but they hadn’t done so yet. He was told that it is unusual to find more than 4 polyps and therefore they wanted to do a full colonoscopy to see if there was anything else higher up.

He eventually had that last week and they found NOTHING 🙂  He now has a follow up with the specialist on 23rd December the most likely outcome of this will be that he will be called back in a few years to check that nothing else has developed.

It has been a long two years but I think I have coped better than he has as I am the sort of person to put things like this to the back of my mind and then deal with them if the worst happens.  Whereas my husband worries about things much more.  He said that this week he has had the best sleep in a long time (his sleeping is normally terrible).

So hopefully we can enjoy our Christmas this year 🙂

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