I’m struggling to keep up right now.  I’m only posting today because I am off work sick, some horrid gastrointestinal thing that is making my insides hurt and draining me of energy.

Wuffy wanted marmite rice cakes. The biscuits are cherry cookies. I actually made nut chery cookies but Wuffy refused to eat them, as they were so quick to do I made some without nuts

On Tuesday he asked for sausage to go with his crackerbread

On Friday he had crusty bread with cranberry sauce and a chocolate bun 🙂 It’s the last day of term but he is in play scheme for three days during half term and will need lunch on those days


Lunches last week were very similar every day, this was becasue Wuffy kept asking for the same things.

Monday 13th

crusty bread with cranberry sauce

ready salted crisps

fruit – looks like apple, kiwi and plum

chocolate chip and cherry cookies


I’m not going to describe the rest of the week as he had crusty bread with cranberry sauce every single day!!

Tuesday 14th

Wednesday 15th

Thursday 16th

Friday 17th

Several days he brought the fruit home and ate it when he got in but he ate everything else. There wasn’t a lot of variety but he ate it so I’m not complaining

I’ve been busy so this is late

crusty bread with cranberry sauce and “chicken” sticks


tortilla chips

chocolate wheaties (the last ones) and fruit – pear,apple and plum I think


Again he didn’t eat the tortilla chips even though he made me put them in!!!

I thought I would let you see my lunch again 🙂

crusty bread with cranberry sauce

potato squares with pot of french dressing


“chicken” salad

peach yogurt and soya milk

I did eat everything 🙂

There was no lunch box on Friday because Wuffy came home at lunchtime as we all went to the dentist in the afternoon. Afterwards we went round to visit some friends and had a meal with them.  I took dessert but they cooked the starter and main courses. It’s nice having friends who accept our choices and always go out of their way to cook vegan food 🙂 We didn’t get home until almost 11pm Wuffy did sleep in the car but he was so tired when we got home and just fell into bed

Wuffy was allowed to go to school in normal clothes rather than uniform today. They had a clown show this morning and they had finger foods, he told me that he could only eat the things I took and he didn’t have any of the food that the other children took in. He didn’t seem to mind and I was proud of him for making sure he only ate the vegan stuff. Apparently the children loved the chocolate crispie buns and they were all eaten.

His lunch was virtually the same as the day before, he had nectarine and potato squares but that was the only difference.  I wasn’t sure how much he would eat because of the finger foods and excitement but he ate it all except the potato squares. I’m sure it’s not normal for a four year old to leave the crisps everyday but that is what he is doing right now.

I thought I would show you my lunch today, only because it was a nice one 🙂 Usually I have a sandwich, a bag of crisps, a yogurt and a piece of fruit every day!! It is a bit boring so I decided to buy myself a laptop lunchbox and try to make my lunches a bit more exciting and healthy.

carrot, pepper, cucumber and tomato


spinach, chickpea and sundried tomato rissotto

apple and raspberry crumble

the orange pot is oat cream for the crumble

down the side where the cutlery goes are some slices of nectarine

bag of tortilla chips which didn’t fit in the lunchbox but did fit in the lunchbox bag

the pot is soya milk for my tea (can’t live without caffeine)

It was really delicious and I ate every single thing 🙂

Wuffy came into our bed sometime in the early hours, we are not sure exactly when but he was there at about 3am.  He says he is fine but his cough is still bad and we suspect that he actually is not very well.

this lunch was virtually the same as yesterday, the fruit had pear and sultanas but I think it was the same apart from that. When Wuffy saw it he said he didn’t want the fruit. I told him that was fine but we would leave it in case he felt like it at lunch time, which he clearly did as he ate all of it.  For the second day running he left the tortilla chips!! He isn’t getting any tomorrow.

I picked hm up today and on the way home he told me all about sitting in a circle and learning how to cross the road properly. He told me you have to look right and then left and then right again and you only cross if the road is clear.  Then he had to be a yellow car and another child was a red car and another was trying to cross the road.  This obviously made an impression because he doesn’t usually tell us anything about shcool.

The teacher had told me that she had to speak to him because he was fighting over a toy. He told Daddy that he had been made to sit and watch an egg timer and he wasn’t allowed to go back to play until the sand had all run through. But while he had been sitting he thought that if his Daddy gave him a hammer then next time he would be able to smash the egg timer and he wouldn’t have to sit there, so could he have a hammer?  When asked if he thought he would be put into time out on other occasions he instantly said yes!!

Tomorrow they are having a celebration day. In the morning he is watching a clown show and then they are having a little party so I have to take in some finger foods.  This hasn’t been very well organised and I have no idea what food will be available. Also as he will be taking his normal lunch I’m not sure that it is really a good idea at his age. But I’ll take in some veggies sticks (cucumber, carrot and pepper), breadsticks, tortilla chips and chocolate crispies which I have just made because I don’t have anything better to do at 9.30!!

I just posted this on recipes because I like the picture 🙂 then I realised there is a theme to my recipes right now 😛

Wuffy woke himself up at 6.30 this morning coughing 😦 He doesn’t seem too bad but when he starts coughing it is quite violent, luckily he isn’t coughing very often

crackerbread hiding under white (‘turkey’) slice and cucumber

tortilla chips

apple, kiwi and grapes

jam tart and chocolate wheatie


He ate everything except one item, I think I’ll let anyone who is reading this guess what it was.  Most days this blog is getting about 30 views, so there are either people out there not commenting or some sad people are looking several times a day 🙂

Tonight Wuffy asked for a jam tart, I told him he could have one after dinner. He cleared his plate so I got one for him, while the box was on the table he told me to look away. When I looked back he also had a chocolate wheatie, he thought it was very funny that he had tricked me 🙂

The chocolate wheaties are not that exciting but here is a better picture, they do taste very nice 🙂 even if my skills at displaying food nicely leave a lot to be desired

crackerbread and brown slice

spinach,cucumber and red pepper

pear, apple and kiwi

tortilla chips and chocolate bun


He ate everything except the salad. He told us that he spilt his juice today so the dinner lady went up to the ladies who serve the meat eaters their meat and got him a red beaker with water in.

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