Warning this post contains a yucky tooth/gum picture!!!!

Some of you may remember back in 2004 when Wuffy fell at nursery whislt holding a recorder.  Being only 13 months the recorder hit the floor before he did and as the other end was in his mouth it made a pretty good mess of one of his front teeth.  This resulted in a general anaesthetic on Christmas Eve to remove the tooth.

Some while later what looked like a tooth began to appear in the gap, the dentist had a look and said it was clearly some root that had remained in the gum when they removed the tooth. We were actually at a loss to understand how they left some root when he was under a general anaesthetic, surely they could have made sure it all came out.  The gum was already damaged and they had to put stitches in it so a bit more exploration would have been possible.

So this root has been there for over three years, it isn’t white and looks a bit yucky but the dentist has kept saying that it is doing a good job as it is keeping the gap open.  Apparently teeth are lazy and will happily fall into a gap that appears.   So at least there will be a gap for his big boy tooth when it appears.

Last weekend Wuffy suddenly announced that he had something sticking out of his gum.  We had a look and this is what we could see




I’ve moved this down a bit otherwise it is instantly visible meaning the warning is useless 🙂


We went to the doctor who simply said it was nothing to do with him, he clearly was not at all interested and just said go to the dentist.  Ok so we went to the dentist. He said he needed to take an x-ray to see what it was.   He told Wuffy he would be taking an x-ray and it would be black and white, then he said that’s before your time.  To which Wuffy replied “I know what an x-ray is it’s a picture of your bones”.   We all had to go right to the end of the room and Wuffy laid in the chair holding the film in his teeth whilst the x-ray was taken.   He didn’t move at all and was very very brave.

Once the picture was developed the dentist could see that the bit sticking out is actually the other end of that piece of root!!  Clearly the piece they left in his gum was huge.  When he damaged the tooth it had lifted upwards and twisted ripping his gum, the root left is obviously still on an angle hence it is now breaking through the gum.  The dentist is not worried and said it should be fine until his other teeth come through, we just need to keep an eye on it.

The x-ray was great we could see two rows of teeth, it was a bit weird seeing all of Wuffy’s big boy teeth lined up waiting to make an entrance.  At least we know they are there and seem to be in the right place  🙂 Wuffy asked if he could take the x-ray home but unfortunately the dentist said no he needed to keep it on his file.

In other news Wuffy’s Grandad is in hospital.  He went in last weekend for an operation on his hand, the op took over 6 hours and although it seemed to go OK he has been struggling ever since.  He is having problems with both his blood pressure (very high) and his kidneys (not working as they should).  At the moment we are just waiting for an MRI scan which they seem to be a bit slow in organising!! Wuffy made him a get well card yesterday which we need to get in the post.


We took Wuffy to the hospital yesterday. It was chaos. Although the consultant he saw was only seeing children there were several eye clincs running so the place was packed mostly with the elderly. Of course the children there were all bored and didn’t want to sit still.  Interestingly most of the children seemed to be boys, I think I only saw one girl.

They got Wuffy to read a letter board but he would only read so many before giving up, at least he does know all of his letters so he gave it a go. 

We saw the consultant who gave him drops and said we had to give him more drops in 5 mins and he would see him 20 mins later. We had to get a nurse to give the second drops and then waited over an hour to be seen again.  Trying to keep a very bored 5 year old quiet when he is very annoyed and upset because he was forced to have eye drops that hurt twice is not easy.  Most of the children were very restless though.

The consultant said that the glasses Wuffy has are exactly the right prescription, that they will keep checking him at the hospital and that he expects that as his eyes grow they will improve to some extent.

One interesting thing he said was that because Wuffy has been unable to see for such a long time his brain has not learnt to control his eyes yet. That had never occurred to us but I suppose that as babies grow their brain starts to learn to control all parts of their bodies so eyes are no exception. If his brain hasn’t learnt to control his eyes yet I wonder if that is why he seems to lose concentration easily, won’t sit for any length of time to watch a film, can’t find anything even when it is right in front of him. If he isn’t operating his eyes in the way we do then I guess all sorts of visual things could be explained by that.

So we left with a prescription for a spare pair of glasses and an appointment for January.  Wuffy left with a bump on his head because he walked into a bollard in the car park!!

Wuffy had to go for an eye test this week.  He has now had his glasses for three months and we have seen a vast improvement in what he can now see.  We went to a different optician this time and Wuffy wasn’t really as cooperative as he could have been.  Although he read some letters there were plenty that he said he couldn’t see, we know from home that he can read letters of that size!!  The upshot is that he has been referred to the hospital.  I’m actually quite pleased about this as I would rather he saw someone who specialises in children as they will have different testing techniques that should tell us the true extent of his eye peoblems.  There is no question that he has very bad eyesight but it’s probably not as bad as the optician we saw this week thinks.

Yesterday was harvest assembly at school.  Last week I told Wuffy that I wouldn’t be able to go because I was teaching he said “write a letter to your big boss telling her that she has to let you see your kid singing in the hall”.  We agreed that Daddy would go and watch him and he cheered up.  So yesterday afternoon Daddy dutifully went to the school and watched the assembly.  He said that Wuffy sang his little heart out which was good to hear as he never sang at the nursery concerts!  They finished well before 3 and the parents were told that they could take their children home if they wanted.  Daddy went to Wuffy’s classroom to pick him up and Wuffy immediately accused him of not coming to watch him sing.  Thankfully after Daddy described the assembly Wuffy decided that Daddy had been there after all.  We suspect that his eyesight meant that he just couldn’t see his Daddy.  The teaching assistant told Wuffy that she had seen his Daddy there.

I have been tired and busy this week so I haven’t uploaded the lunch pictures yet, I will.