We went out on Saturday night, it’s been a year since we last had a Wuffysitter and we thought it was about time we did.  We saw Roger Davies in concert and he was very good, we really enjoyed it.

We pretty much stuck to the meal plan last week, two changes, one becasue I was being lazy and one because we didn’t have time for a normal meal on Saturday night.  Overall I would say we did well, for us!!

This week we are having


risotto (we have this every week as we all love it and I don’t cook it 🙂 )

spinach pasta

sausage casserole with veg

sandwich with hummous and veggies

jacket spud (because we didn’t eat them last week)

That’s only 6 but it is my birthday on Friday and I haven’t decided what we are having then

two posts in one day, see miracles do happen!


We are supposed to meal plan every week, but when things get bad workwise (and they have a lot this past year) it tends to fall by the wayside. Now the MSc is finally over I am going to try to be much better at meal planning and baking. I thought that if I posted here it might encourage me to stick to it. So for this week we are planning

What’s in the fridge pasta with chorizo
Brown rice with stir fry veg and beans
Veggie mince with mashed spuds and veg
Sandwichs with a big dish of raw veggies and houmous
Jacket spud with beans and salad

These are in no particular order we will eat what we fancy each night, we only plan specific nights if we are very time restricted. I am going to try to take some photos and then post an update.

I have just taken a chocolate cake out of the oven and later we will melt chocolate to cover the top. At the same time we will make some chocolate digestives.

I love cooking and baking so I am really hoping that I have a bit more time to devote to it 🙂

well you know what they say about better late than never 🙂

Wuffy left his stocking by the dining room fireplace as he knows Santa will come down that chimmney


I was up before anyone else and managed to get a picture before the mayhem began



Wuffy opened his stocking first, he loved this pudsey bear and shared the rest of his stocking presents with it!!



Then he went into the living room and saw the presents under the tree


he started telling us what this would be


He was right


With Grandma on Christmas Day


Built at last


Is this the only Playmobil plane in the world to have knitted cushions? He asked his Grandma to make tham on Christmas Day and being a wonderful Grandma she did 🙂


our living room window, posted because I thought it looked good 🙂 it was better in the dark but the photo of that is not very good


and finally a couple of food pictures




i’ve just noticed that the only food photos I took at Christmas were of chocolate

We made rudolph buns today, got the idea from Krista at disposableaardvarks, she got them from another blog


Had a little melted chocolate left so I quickly made some holly leaves



Covering them in foil is the most difficult bit. I bought the chocolate moulds from cakes, cookies and crafts, they were very good.  I ordered at 11pm on the Tuesday and they arrived on the Thursday morning.

Yesterday was the last day of school, Wuffy was told he could take in a toy so he took his Tom Thomas helicopter.  When his Daddy picked him up the teacher gave him two sheets of paper that Davey had been writing on.  One of them had a distinguishable “jigsaw”, “doll” and “car” and apparently had the names of the children who brought them in but they were not so easy to find. The other piece was amazing, here it is written and spelt all by himself


We are both amazed and proud 🙂






This is the cake he had at home on his birthday


His birthday tea was what we call a “bits and bobs” meal 🙂 Wuffy loves this type of meal


The Hornby train set he got for his birthday (purchased from Woolies 😦 )

Wuffy can’t remember making bread as we haven’t done it for so long. On Saturday we decided to make some, after mixing it into a dough I gave him a piece to knead

Then after it had risen he punched it down and shaped it

into an elephant, a sausage dog and two moon rocks.  I just made a loaf and some rolls.  I covered it in oiled clingfilm to rise for the second time and that was a mistake.  The cooked bread has a funny top due to the oil, doesn’t affect the flavour though. Wuffy had already eaten the moonrocks before I took the picture 🙂

Wuffy came into our bed sometime in the early hours, we are not sure exactly when but he was there at about 3am.  He says he is fine but his cough is still bad and we suspect that he actually is not very well.

this lunch was virtually the same as yesterday, the fruit had pear and sultanas but I think it was the same apart from that. When Wuffy saw it he said he didn’t want the fruit. I told him that was fine but we would leave it in case he felt like it at lunch time, which he clearly did as he ate all of it.  For the second day running he left the tortilla chips!! He isn’t getting any tomorrow.

I picked hm up today and on the way home he told me all about sitting in a circle and learning how to cross the road properly. He told me you have to look right and then left and then right again and you only cross if the road is clear.  Then he had to be a yellow car and another child was a red car and another was trying to cross the road.  This obviously made an impression because he doesn’t usually tell us anything about shcool.

The teacher had told me that she had to speak to him because he was fighting over a toy. He told Daddy that he had been made to sit and watch an egg timer and he wasn’t allowed to go back to play until the sand had all run through. But while he had been sitting he thought that if his Daddy gave him a hammer then next time he would be able to smash the egg timer and he wouldn’t have to sit there, so could he have a hammer?  When asked if he thought he would be put into time out on other occasions he instantly said yes!!

Tomorrow they are having a celebration day. In the morning he is watching a clown show and then they are having a little party so I have to take in some finger foods.  This hasn’t been very well organised and I have no idea what food will be available. Also as he will be taking his normal lunch I’m not sure that it is really a good idea at his age. But I’ll take in some veggies sticks (cucumber, carrot and pepper), breadsticks, tortilla chips and chocolate crispies which I have just made because I don’t have anything better to do at 9.30!!

I just posted this on recipes because I like the picture 🙂 then I realised there is a theme to my recipes right now 😛

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