We spent the weekend in a log cabin, actually in this log cabin

We did lots of this

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and some of this

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and just for fun a photo taken in the same spot as the last one but in September 2004


We just spent a wonderful week near Hadrian’s Wall and whilst we did lots of things the highlight for all of us was a 9 mile walk along the wall in glorious sunshine.

We left the car at the Temple of Mithras, here is Davey and his Daddy ready to set off.

Davey insisted on taking a photo of his Mummy and Daddy.

We took the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall bus to Once Brewed we then had to walk back to the car

The first milecastle of the wall, this is number 39 or Castle Nick

Just past Castle Nick is Sycamore Gap, here looking down on it

and down in the gap, that is David walking toward the tree and if you look carefully Davey is right up against the tree trunk

Cow stops walk on top of the crags (we did walk along the craggiest section 🙂 )

Nice craggy bit with good view of the terrain ahead

Davey striding out along the wall more good views ahead

We finally reached Housesteads and stopped for lunch

and the obligatory dress up and play session

Knag Burn gate just beyond Housesteads

Time for silliness at one of our many stops

Follow the ridges further than you can see, that is where we had been

Davey and his Daddy looking at the distance we had walked

artistic into the sun shot

At the trig point

Reading the information board at Sewingshields turret

Still full of energy

According to the book we had this is an Anglo Saxon burial crypt, Davey insisted on laying down in it

This was the final turret of the walk

As most of the walk was along the crags there is no ditch, but towards the end the Roman ditch is very obvious

Davey and his Daddy on the last grassy stretch to the car

That red dot is our car

The last remains of the walk the Temple of Mithras

A hug from his Mummy for doing so incredibly well 🙂

About 12 or so years ago my Mum’s husband could no longer see to cut the grass. Mumdidn’t mind cutting it as she loves her grass and would rather cut it herslef than not have any. Unfortunatley Ferdi was a very old fashioned man and he felt that cutting grass was a man’s job, so he nagged and nagged to put paving slabs down eventually Mum gave in.

She always hated the paving but he was much happier now she wasn’t cutting grass. Well after he died Mum said that she would love her grass back so my husband volunteered to go and do it for her. We spent last weekend doing just that.

Cleaning the slabs

We unearthed colony after colony of ants under the slabs

Last few slabs to lift

Dug, trampled and levelled

Grass again

We spent a week at Easter staying near Hadrian’s Wall. Wuffy is totally obsessed with Romans at the moment and he loved every second of it. On the last morning he almost cried (I could see his bottom lip going) because he didn’t want to go home. What he doesn’t know is that we have booked to go back for a week in August

First a few compliments to places. David rang lots of sites before we went to find out if they could feed us. Vindolanda went out of their way to ensure they had beans for jacket potato (they don’t offer beans as a topping normally) and they had bought soya milk especially. So a huge thumbs up to Vindolanda.

We found quite by accident a vegetarian café in Hexham called Hexham Tans, it was only about 10.30 but I went in and had a chat about lunch, they said they could make us anything we wanted but they didn’t have soya milk. We went back at lunchtime and they had been out and bought some soya milk especially for us, so another big thumbs up there.

Most of the other sites only have tiny cafes the sort where you can get a sandwich and drink but not much else. However it was nice to be able to eat lunch out on two days rather than having sandwiches every day.

 We visited the following sites:-


Roman Army Museum

Corbridge Roman Town

Chesters Roman Fort

Hexham Abbey

Prudhoe Castle

Hexham Old Gaol

All of which were excellent except the Roman Army Museum which was very disappointing the advertised barrack room and store room no longer exist and there really wasn’t an awful lot to look at. That said it was worth the visit to see the Eagle Eye film it was just a shame you could not buy it on DVD as we would have done so.

We also walked along the wall from both Steel Rigg and Cawfields so we saw lots of wall going over dramatic (and very windy) countryside, a milecastle and a turret.

A few photos of places

The wall and a milecastle, this was just near Cawfields Quarry

With a Roman soldier at Vindolanda

 Pure joy at Vindolanda

 Walking in the footsteps of the Romans – standing on the actual floor of the granary at Corbridge

 Bathhouse at Chesters

 On Guard at the Temple of Mithras  

I was going to add a few more pictures but wordpress is being awkward so I’ll stop here

By the third week of September my life always gets hectic again. It’s what happens when you work at a University unfortunately. I do have a few birthday photos to upload even though they are from about 3 weeks ago, and I am going to post some holiday photos as well, sometime!

Here is one birthday photo


and a cake shot (I was 2 hahaha)

pear cake 03

Well the dissertation was handed in almost two weeks ago. I thought I would feel relief when I handed it in but actually I just felt exhausted. Since then we have been camping for a week so I am even more exhausted.

Wuffy went back to school today. We are slightly worried about how he will get on as he is one of the children they have put into a year two class rather than a year one class. We were told that he would be bored in year one and needs to be challenged. I think he was a little worried about being with so many older children but there are about 7 year ones in the class so he isn’t alone.

I will post some holiday pictures when I get a chance. The MSc means I now have a years worth of tidying and cleaning to catch up on in the house!!

If I said I am really really busy again would you believe me?

I can’t believe that just when I am so busy Wuffy got Chicken Pox, although i have to say that his Daddy has been wonderful and stayed with him everyday so that I could go to work which is totally crazy right now.

Here are a few pictures of Gibson Mill, I have more to post and I will add some words so check back for an update

This is the actual mill taken across the mill pond



This of course is my little tree hugger 🙂


Here he is inside the mill playing the “green” snakes and ladders, the ladders all had message like “You used an energy saving light bulb well done” and the snakes “you left the lights on when no one was in the room”. Actually it is highly likely that none of them were those exact things but you get the idea.


Upstairs in the mill they have some old machines, this is one where you pull the lever to flip a metal ball round and hopefully into the winning hole (you don’t actually win anything but they are all free)


and the one armed bandit, bit blurred as he was moving too fast and I had the cheap camera with us


They also have a tea area set out as at one time the mill was a big tourist destination and tea dances used to take place there


At the wishing well Wuffy complained that his wishes never came true, he thought for a second and said “I but they never come true they jusy say that to get you to throw some money in”  So cynical for 5!


They often have artwork for sale in the mill, there are two of these glass pieces, the other is all reds and purples, I would buy both of them if I had somewhere to put them as I LOVE them


I will start another post for our walk past the mill and on to hardcastle crags, it was a proper walk carrying our lunch and Wuffy used his new rucksack which he was very excited about 🙂

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