Wuffy is fascinated with history, he has been for a long time. Last Easter we spent a week in Northumberland doing castles, this was his knights period. We did 5 castles in 6 days and he wasn’t bored I think he would have done more.  Then in July we spent a week on the West Coast of Scotland on the way home we decided to drive from Carlisle to Newcastle then travel down the A1 this was purely to avoid the dreaded M6.  We stopped at Housesteads Roman Fort on the way and ever since Wuffy has been fascinated with Romans.  To the extent that in phonics at school they had the sound “or” on the board the teacher put an f and t and asked what it said.  She then asked if the children knew what a fort was and got a 10 minute lecture from Wuffy 🙂  This Easter we have booked a week near Hadrian’s Wall for obvious reasons.

So tonight Wuffy came home from school with a letter he had no idea what it was but said he thought he was the only child in his class to be given one. It says that he has been identified as a child who is interested and well motivated by history and has been chosen to take part in additional history activities over a five week period. This includes a visit to Bradford Industrial Musuem and to Salts Mill. We have to return the form to say we allow him to travel there in either minibus or a teachers car so it would appear that only a few children have been selected.  He was chuffed to bits and very excited 🙂


They seem to be pumping up the pace at school. We have been told that Wuffy needs to have his reading book in his bag every day and that reading books get changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That means we need to make sure he reads it to one of us every night of the week.  He also brought home a two page maths homework on Friday, we did it all but it took about 50 minutes which I think is a lot for a 5 year old. I feel a bit like I am back in school!!

This morning I had to take him to school at 8.30 as he has been selected to have extra support.  The leaflet we got said “extra support” and “acceleration programme” which seemd a little odd to me so I rang the school to ask why he had been selected and what they are planning on doing in these sessions.  The teacher rang me back and seemed astounded that someone had rung to ask about it, I got the impression that it’s not what parents normally do (I am very happy to not be a normal parent 😉 ).  In any case she said that Wuffy is a bright boy but needs his confidence boosting and that is the aim af the sessions. When I dropped him this morning he was the first to arrive so it will be interesting to find out what he did.

Well the dissertation was handed in almost two weeks ago. I thought I would feel relief when I handed it in but actually I just felt exhausted. Since then we have been camping for a week so I am even more exhausted.

Wuffy went back to school today. We are slightly worried about how he will get on as he is one of the children they have put into a year two class rather than a year one class. We were told that he would be bored in year one and needs to be challenged. I think he was a little worried about being with so many older children but there are about 7 year ones in the class so he isn’t alone.

I will post some holiday pictures when I get a chance. The MSc means I now have a years worth of tidying and cleaning to catch up on in the house!!

I was brushing Wuffy’s teeth this morning and thought “what is that”. When his mouth was free of toothpaste I had a look.   Two big boy teeth, one each side on the bottom at the back. He was so pleased, he ran downstairs, jumped on his Daddy and shouted “I’ve got big boy teeth, I’ve got big boy teeth” 🙂

Wuffy LOVES playmobil.  Last Christmas he got the hospital and ambulance. He has loads of fire stuff and builders stuff. His real love is anything to do with the emergency services so it was no surprise to walk in the room over Christmas and find this


Apparently there was a huge emergency at the airport, the fire brigade had a fire to put out and then an ambulance came and took the casualties to the hospital.

Then at the weekend he came running and asked me for something blue.  I clearly gave him one of those ‘what?’ looks as he then told me he needed it to put on the floor as a river.  I told him he could use his towel. He thought this was a great idea and ran off to get it.  A short while later I went into the living room to check on him and found that he had turned the floor into a reconstruction of the Hudson River


He doesn’t have a Playmobil ship, so had to make do with a lego one (he has asked for a playmobil one though!)

well you know what they say about better late than never 🙂

Wuffy left his stocking by the dining room fireplace as he knows Santa will come down that chimmney


I was up before anyone else and managed to get a picture before the mayhem began



Wuffy opened his stocking first, he loved this pudsey bear and shared the rest of his stocking presents with it!!



Then he went into the living room and saw the presents under the tree


he started telling us what this would be


He was right


With Grandma on Christmas Day


Built at last


Is this the only Playmobil plane in the world to have knitted cushions? He asked his Grandma to make tham on Christmas Day and being a wonderful Grandma she did 🙂


our living room window, posted because I thought it looked good 🙂 it was better in the dark but the photo of that is not very good


and finally a couple of food pictures




i’ve just noticed that the only food photos I took at Christmas were of chocolate

We made rudolph buns today, got the idea from Krista at disposableaardvarks, she got them from another blog


Had a little melted chocolate left so I quickly made some holly leaves



Covering them in foil is the most difficult bit. I bought the chocolate moulds from cakes, cookies and crafts, they were very good.  I ordered at 11pm on the Tuesday and they arrived on the Thursday morning.

Yesterday was the last day of school, Wuffy was told he could take in a toy so he took his Tom Thomas helicopter.  When his Daddy picked him up the teacher gave him two sheets of paper that Davey had been writing on.  One of them had a distinguishable “jigsaw”, “doll” and “car” and apparently had the names of the children who brought them in but they were not so easy to find. The other piece was amazing, here it is written and spelt all by himself


We are both amazed and proud 🙂

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