We just spent a wonderful week near Hadrian’s Wall and whilst we did lots of things the highlight for all of us was a 9 mile walk along the wall in glorious sunshine.

We left the car at the Temple of Mithras, here is Davey and his Daddy ready to set off.

Davey insisted on taking a photo of his Mummy and Daddy.

We took the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall bus to Once Brewed we then had to walk back to the car

The first milecastle of the wall, this is number 39 or Castle Nick

Just past Castle Nick is Sycamore Gap, here looking down on it

and down in the gap, that is David walking toward the tree and if you look carefully Davey is right up against the tree trunk

Cow stops walk on top of the crags (we did walk along the craggiest section 🙂 )

Nice craggy bit with good view of the terrain ahead

Davey striding out along the wall more good views ahead

We finally reached Housesteads and stopped for lunch

and the obligatory dress up and play session

Knag Burn gate just beyond Housesteads

Time for silliness at one of our many stops

Follow the ridges further than you can see, that is where we had been

Davey and his Daddy looking at the distance we had walked

artistic into the sun shot

At the trig point

Reading the information board at Sewingshields turret

Still full of energy

According to the book we had this is an Anglo Saxon burial crypt, Davey insisted on laying down in it

This was the final turret of the walk

As most of the walk was along the crags there is no ditch, but towards the end the Roman ditch is very obvious

Davey and his Daddy on the last grassy stretch to the car

That red dot is our car

The last remains of the walk the Temple of Mithras

A hug from his Mummy for doing so incredibly well 🙂