On Friday 12th February 2010 Wuffy’s grandad died. Wuffy knew Grandad was ill but being 6 he thought he was going to get better.

This final picture was taken on his 84th birthday last July, he was ill then he didn’t get out of his chair once during the party. That’s my Mum holding the cake, I made the cake it’s the chocolate cake I make for every birthday. I’m pleased that I made his last birthday cake. Wuffy didn’t say much for a week but the last few days he has been asking about Grandad and he has been a bit upset. We have been telling him that grandad was so ill towards the end at least he is no longer in pain. Wuffy has always told us that you go to heaven when you die but when I said Grandad was in heaven he wouldn’t believe me. I suspect he doesn’t really want to accept it.